GSoC 2024 - Week 5 | Add EODAG Support - GRASS GIS

Hello everyone,

Here is my weekly report for week #5, adding EODAG support to GRASS GIS, GSoC 2024.

  1. What did I get done this week?
  • Added the “query” option, to allow extra search parameters [1].
  • Added the “print” option allowing the listing of all relevant EODAG metadata [1]:
    • Current EODAG configuration.
    • Available products.
    • Available products for a given provider.
    • Available providers.
    • Available providers that offer a specific product.
    • Queryables for a given provider and/or product.
      Note: Queryables from this list can be used in the query option.
  • Added the “footprint” option to save the found scenes footprints in a vector map, with the name given in the “footprint” option [2].
  • Added options to save/print results in JSON format [3].
  1. What do I plan on doing next week?
  • Continue working on adding a way to get credentials on runtime, as I haven’t received access to Creodias yet.
  • Merging the above-mentioned PRs, after further discussions with mentors.
  • Further testing and edge cases handling.
  1. Am I blocked on anything?
  • I am not currently blocked by anything.

Best regards,
Hamed A. Elgizery

[1] Eodag queryables by HamedElgizery · Pull Request #15 · HamedElgizery/grass-addons · GitHub
[2] i.eodag: add importing footprints by HamedElgizery · Pull Request #13 · HamedElgizery/grass-addons · GitHub
[3] i.eodag: remove pandas dependency and save results in json/geojson files by HamedElgizery · Pull Request #1104 · OSGeo/grass-addons · GitHub

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