GSoC 2024 - Week 6 | Add EODAG Support - GRASS GIS

Hello everyone,

Here is my weekly report for week #6, adding EODAG support to GRASS GIS, GSoC 2024.

  1. What did I get done this week?
  • Created this PR [1] to add more features including query, print, limit, and footprints.
  • Removed saving to JSON, and limiting it only to GeoJSON files.
  • Removed “extract” and “delete archive” flags, and instead used the values from the EODAG YAML config file.
  • Done more testing on i.eodag.
  • Worked on code refactoring and feedback.
  • Added use cases with the “print” option to i.eodag manual [2].
  1. What do I plan on doing next week?
  • Start investigating possible ways to reimplement [3].
  • Adjust i.eodag according to how things turn out when reimplementing [3].
  • Describe more use cases of i.eodag in the manual [2].
  1. Am I blocked on anything?
  • I am not currently blocked by anything.

Best regards,

Hamed A. Elgizery

[1] i.eodag: add query, print, and footprints options by HamedElgizery · Pull Request #1136 · OSGeo/grass-addons · GitHub

[2] grass-addons/src/imagery/i.eodag/i.eodag.html at grass8 · OSGeo/grass-addons · GitHub

[3] grass-addons/src/imagery/i.landsat/ at grass8 · OSGeo/grass-addons · GitHub

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