Tom Writes:
> Frank,
> Thanks for the invite...
> BTW, we are having a GIS conference here in Hawaii in early October. We
> plan to have a session on Open GIS.
> Do you have any contacts or know of anyone who can speak about Open GIS
> here in Hawaii?
> If you have any recommendations I will contact them.
> Thx,
> Tom


I think that Ben Discoe of the VTP project - a terrain oriented 3D
visualization toolkit, is living in Hawaii and might have an interest.
I have taken the liberty of cc:ing Ben.

When you say "Open GIS" do you mean open standards, like from OGC or
open source, like we at OSGeo promote?

Do you have a web page or something like that talking about the conference?
If so, I can submit a note to our "Visibility Committee" which tries to
coordinate speakers for GIS conferences to talk on open source gis topics.

Best regards,
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