Jody testing out emailing the marketing discourse group

I am following the instructions provided here

The email address is listed, I am testing if
I can email this address directly (before signing up to the group on

Jody Garnett

The email made it through to forum, but Vicky may already of signed me up!

Hi Jody

Actually, no.
Currently the setting is
“everyone”: see, reply, create

But if you want, I can make:
“everyone”: see, reply OR see OR nothing unless they are registered to marketing group.
“marketing”: see, reply, create

Where “everyone” is any registered user in discourse, and “marketing” is the marketing group.

create: can create new topics within the category
reply: can reply but not create new topics
see: can read

Please let me know.

I got your message by mail, btw, and tried to reply.
interesting, because it is closed I got:

The topic you are replying to is currently closed and no longer accepting replies

But I can reply when connected to discourse