Kids GIS Environmental Portal


I have been in contact with some folks who are launching a project called
the Kids GIS Environmental Portal. They are building on some of the
foundation open source tools, and in discussions one thing I thought that
OSGeo could potentially do them was provide a system to host their portal
for during development, and early deployment.

I was thinking that we could dedicate the .217 blade for use of this
project. I've warned them that they would be mostly on their own
maintaining the server, and in fact, I'd suggest we disconnect the LDAP
authentication on this system to reduce the chance of SAC folks
accidentally messing stuff up on this system. We would provide an
account on this one system with sudo access to anyone on the Kids GIS
portal project that needs it, but not (necessarily) on any other SAC

I realize this will potentially crowd us a bit onto the remaining blades,
but we haven't been making use of the .217 blade yet anyways as far as
I know. And with the website, and svn services likely to be hosted
at OSU OSL rather than telascience we don't have quite so many things
we need to do locally.

So, are there any objections at the SAC level to our designating the
.217 blade for us by this project under roughly the above terms? Are
there any questions about how connected/disconnected this server should
be relative to our other activities?

Some background on the project is available at:

PS. I will also be taking this request to the board, since I think this
commitment is beyond the scope of just SAC, but clearly it affects us
here to which is why I raise the question.

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