Lizmap Web Client 3.8 RC 2 and latest monthly bugfixes


Because of summer holidays coming, we have released our monthly bugfixes versions a little bit earlier in the month :slight_smile:

  • Lizmap Web Client 3.8.0.rc.2 - 2024-07-08 Without any critical bug report, the 3.8.0 release will before end of July.
  • Lizmap Web Client 3.7.9 - 2024-07-04
  • Lizmap Web Client 3.6.14 - 2024-07-04 This branch has reached its end of life, for “normal” bugfix. Only bugfix related to security is done now.

QGIS 3.34.9 will be released later this week by the QGIS community. We advice you to upgrade, as some bugfix were done, for server side as well recently.

For translations, you can check the completion for your language on, and help on Transifex for Lizmap and Jelix library used in the backend. :world_map:

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