Logo due diligence?

Hi all,

I understand that there is a real need to start building our brand, but
I think that we're missing a step in the process and I'm concerned about
the speed we're moving at. My understanding was that we were going to
have the logo vetted by Autodesk's marketing/branding people before
accepting it into common use. I think that this needs to include
trademark and copyright investigations.

The main reason for my concern is that the chosen concept is fairly
generic, and similar concepts are in use elsewhere:
http://www.regionalconnections.org/RCHome.html (see bottom of page)

In the interest of full disclosure, I voted for one of the other
concepts. I'm not advocating rejection of this design though. If it
turns out to be infringing/unbrandable graphic, we should consider
enhancing it to be more distinguishable.