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What is “Mailing List Mode” email user preference ? When I enable it I’m told there are 18 messages per day on average, but is it counting ALL messages in the whole install ? Like, is it also counting the french user group category ? Will it also send me those ones ? It isn’t clear, maybe there should be some kind of link to documentation about each setting …

I just tested and I love this mode as it respects your notification settings.
Just unsubscribe from the categories your are not interested in and it is very close from the old mailman behavior.
We clearly need to explain this as a welcoming message, and I would even prefer it to be the default settings. If technically possible of course.

What are the differences with having it off, exactly?

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I surely didn’t like this, as the “unsubscribe” options:

I have no way to ONLY unsubscribe from a given category

So if this is what “mailing list mode” is… I’d rather NOT have it as the default

From what I get,

  • the mail notifications allow you to unsubscribe only for the current
  • this option respects your notification options, so from the web
    interface, you can unsubscribe from categories / subcategories or threads .
    Pretty much like Gitlab in fact.

In my experience, the digest mail is really crowded and I prefer to have
notifications than a global one. But maybe other differ, no worries.
Cheers Sandro

Le jeu. 11 janv. 2024 à 15:27, Sandro Santilli via OSGeo Discourse <> a écrit :

January 11

I surely didn’t like this, as the “unsubscribe” options:

[image: image]

I have no way to ONLY unsubscribe from a given category

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Yah I had enabled it in admin wondering what it does myself. By default it’s disabled across and has to be enabled in admin before people can enable in their individual preferences.

It’s not enabled by default. It’s unchecked by default.
and to even give users that option, I had to allow it in Admin panel.