[Marketing] component 2 review

Okay, got some internet connectivity, and am reviewing the component 2 delivery items:

OSGeo - Project Delivery Sign-off

I have raised a few issues as I go, and hope to make a motion for acceptance once this review is complete:

In a few cases the functional may be (or may not) be present, but we lack an example showing it working. The general weakness is integration between pages that are expected to automatically cross link between events, resources and news. This is an important integration point because we are trying to post content once and have it cross-linked for discoverability (rather than rely on manually editing pages - such as done currently for initiatives).

Recommendation: We accept component 2 with the above known issues

I could not verify the following:


If someone who attended the mail chimp training could sign off on these rows it would be appreciated.

The remaining items are pending, will wait on Alex and SAC to confirm:

  • Integration existing LDAP registry, installation and configuration

  • Installation and technical support after launching website

  • Monitoring and reporting after launching website

Jody Garnett

A fair bit of progress has been made on the issues below. We need to get the thumbs up for SAC about transfer, and sort out who got training on mail chimp.

Any chance of doubting this before Wednesday’s meeting :slight_smile:


Jody Garnett

Wow typing on phone fail :slight_smile:

It appears we can sign off on all our marketing committee line items for component 2.

A final transfer of content/fixes to SAC is scheduled, when SAC says go we can wrap this work up.


Jody Garnett