[Marketing] content creation and migration planning

I would also like to discuss content creation and migration. In July and August I expect we will be gathering details from geoforall labs, osgeo local chapters, osgeo projects, osgeo committees, osgeo partners, osgeo sponsors, and a range of service providers.

This seems like a lot of work, and I would like to have a better plan before recruiting help:

a) Will we be collecting this directly into wordpress? If so when can we have access?

b) Should we collect into google doc? This worked very well for reviewing new content.

c) Should we meet teams where they are? Inviting them to update their wiki pages (or osgeo website pages) before content migration?

d) Jeffrey / Cameron did you have any concreate plans to use 18F/about.yaml? Or was this an inspirational as a great way do to things? Technically I like the approach, but I do not know the details of generating wordpress pages based on about.yaml templates? While I found some fun reading comparing technologies and background I did not find any solutions.


Jody Garnett