[Marketing] Feedback from SOTM Africa, Grand-Bassam and RUFORUM, University of Cape Coast on OSGeoLive USB Sticks

Hello all,

Let me quickly do this before 2019 comes to a close :).

So in November we had SOTM Africa in Grand-Bassam, Ivory Coast where I represented OSGeo and supported with a workshop on OSGeo and OSGeoLive.[1] Fast forward the following week I traveled from Accra to the University of Cape Coast where I presented to 20 students from Africa participating in the SENTINEL workshop and their instructors as part RUFORUM about OSGeo / OSGeoLive handing over USB keys from SOTM Africa and responding to questions as usual.

One question that came up during both events was having the USB keys in persistent mode allowing for the allocated space on the sticks (~> 12 GB) to be accessed and used in Live boot. I tried this myself only once and in Grand-Bassam I asked one colleague who have mounted OSGeoLive in such fashion before to better explain and demonstrate.

Is it possible for us to make OSGeoLive future keys in persistent mode?

Happy and FOSS4G-ful New Year 2020!

  1. https://2019.stateofthemap.africa/schedule/#session-053
  2. https://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/osgeolive/2019-November/014405.html