[Marketing] I added OSGeo brochures in german language to the osgeo-marketing-svn

Hello marketing-group,

we are preparing the OSGeo park on INTERGEO in Karlsruhe (Germany). Some
people worked on the OSGeo brochures and updated teh existing brochures
(english) and added new brochures in german language.

To get them all at one place I commited the new and updated documents to
the osgeo-svn.

have a look at:

I created a new directory for OpenOffice files (we set up the brochures
with OpenOffice)
* https://svn.osgeo.org/osgeo/marketing/flyer/project_brochures_odt/
In the directory you find subdirectories for the languages

In the directory "project_brochure_pdfs" I created a subdirectory "de" for
the pdfs which are in german language:

Name convention for the file:
* I took the the english name and added _de
* like OSGeo_Brochures_QGIS_de.odt and OSGeo_Brochures_QGIS_de.pdf

Sorry - that I did not discuss all this changes with the marketing group.
Feel free to change the structure. My purpose was, to get all the
documents together and don't have them spread all over.

What do you think?