[Marketing] Joining the Marketing Committee

Hello everyone,

My name is Laura Mugeha, a junior geospatial engineer and an active advocate for open technology(open data and FOSS) from Kenya and currently based in Nairobi. I now work for a social enterprise locally, and, in my free time, I volunteer to build OSGeo and OSM communities in Kenya and Eastern Africa at large.

I started interacting with FOSS4G while undertaking my undergraduate degree in Geospatial engineering a few years ago but learned more about OSGeo after attending FOSS4G2018 in Tanzania. I currently conduct several hands-on training sessions, mostly on OSM, QGIS, PostGIS, etc., to YouthMappers chapters and other interested groups.

I recently became a charge member with OSGeo and would like to increase my involvement with the Foundation through committees and projects.

I am looking forward to working with you all.

Kind regards,


Laura Mugeha

Regional ambassador, YouthMappers

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