[Marketing] laptop frame, mobile frame, browser frame, ...

For the longest time we have only had a laptop frame for projects adding themselves to the website:

Is anyone in position to make a mobile frame, browser frame, …

Any other ideas?

  • perhaps a “map frame” for projects that are just showing output?
  • desktop apps may wish to just use the natural window boarders … but that is not as strong visually a full screen snapshot in the laptop frame.

Jody Garnett

Hi Jody

I looked at some project webpages and the print materials, and could not (in 5minutes) see where a laptop frame is used. Could you point to an example?

Many thanks,



Dr. Adam Steer
+61 427 091 712 :: @adamdsteer

Suits are bad for business: http://www.spatialised.net/business-penguins/


And I agree some of them look terrible without a frame (white windows that the GeoMoose handout for example)


Jody Garnett