[Marketing] Live DVD feedback

The Live DVD at FOSS4G was a roaring success. All dvd's were given out,
despite being cautious not to sprinkle them like confetti. For my part
I made an effort to talk to each person I gave one to about what it was
and how it worked. Despite this we ran out well before the end of the
event. We could easily have given out twice as many.

In SA in particular, there is a need for hard copies of everything,
given the scarcity and very high cost of bandwidth. Having said that,
the dvd's were also popular with non Africans. It's immediate, they
don't have to wait 12 hrs for a download, and many don't feel
comfortable installing heaps of binaries, let alone source, particularly
where they are just experimenting or starting out. Having the which
apps question at least partly pre-answered for them and giving them a
safe sandpit to play in seemed to go down well. That may not be the
norm for those used to playing in the open source world, but we need to
move beyond that space and it seems the live DVD is a great tool for
facilitating that. Of course, it would be nice to get some feedback
after the event about how people are using it. Maybe we could have some
sort of feedback mini app on the DVD?

We installed the live DVD on the booth box with the big screen. It was
often used to show people various bits and pieces. I'd highly recommend
having it running at every booth we do from now on. Consider it cheap
at twice the price.

I think we need to look at doing some tidy up and putting out a 1.0
edition or do we stick with the Ubuntu naming convention? Are there any
updates pending on our stuff? Others have expressed interest in getting
some burned soon. Come to think of it, do we have a policy on how we
want to do this? One release for each new Ubuntu version or what?

Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you recognize a mistake
when you make it again.