[Marketing] looking for the OSGeoLive svg version of the one-page-flyer


I need your help.

I am preparing the material for the OSGeo booth and would like to print material.

I have the OSGeoLive flyer as pdf:

But it still contains the old OSGeo-Live wording with the - and some new projects are missing.

Unfortunately I can't edit the file with inkscape.

Does anybody has the original svg file or knows were it is?

At the place where it should be is only the german version

Has someone an idea where it can be?


Hello Astrid:

The OSGeo Live PDF was generated by GetInteractive and is contained in the osgeo-onepage-a4.indd file alongside the one page osgeo handout.

You may wish to contact GetInteractive and see if they can quickly make the required changes for us. One of our members here has an InDesign license and can edit also.

The goal was to keep the designer in their preferred environment due to coast. As it was Pim (and Anita) spent way to much time trying to get Scribus to work (sigh). At least this way we have the original files to work from.


Jody Garnett