[Marketing] MapScaping Podcast about OSGeoLive

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-------- Originalnachricht --------
Betreff: MapScaping Podcast about OSGeoLive
Datum: 11.05.2021 22:22
Von: "Astrid Emde (OSGeo)" <astrid_emde@osgeo.org>
An: Daniel O'Donohue <danodonohue@gmail.com>
Antwort an: astrid_emde@osgeo.org

Hello Daniel,

this time I am writing as a member of the OSGeoLive team.

We discussed the possibility of doing a podcast about the project.


And the team agreed. So it would be great if we could make a potcast about OSGeoLive.

Would it be possible to do a podcast with more than 1 person?

We are not in a hurry. So maybe we could schedule a day not before july or august.

See you Astrid