[Marketing] Marketing Meeting 2008.01.16

Dear All,

I am very sorry for my poor participation at the meeting today. I spent most of the time fighting with my connection, with not a lot of look in the end.

As for the discussions taken place today, I very much agree that optimizing the existing Logos is a very interesting step to take and the sooner this is done, the sooner printed material is available. Having the communication concept is also an important step to define some of the marketing directions in which to take. So it would be great to see the results of these actions in the near future.

By looking at the logs, I saw that most of what was discussed was about budget (and of course it is very important) but maybe agreeing on some deadlines would also be a nice way to get things done (GTD <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Getting_Things_Done&gt; Rox!). What do you guys think?

Another thing that I would like to have done and preferably before the first week of February is optimizing the Mission, Vision and Value Statements (http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/OSGeo_Mission). Maybe we could set a work group for this with me and someone more experienced (as I am new to OSGeo). Can any one help me input on that the next weeks?