[Marketing] New projects for OSGeo handout

Astrid reached out to me asking about the OSGeo handout, we have added a few projects since last year and could update the middle couple of pages.

The file is in GitHub in InDesign format, if anyone is available to volunteer. :slight_smile:

If not my partner has used the application before, I can download an evaluation copy and she has offered to update the text.

Still for this to work we need to update the text to mention the new projects. Right now this is done on paragraph form as part of describing the “yes open source software is available”.

Long term this approach, and the expectation of listing all projects, will not scale. But for this year it should work out. (Previously we tried billeted lists, and then diagrams with logos, both were good at making projects feel included … but bad at communicating anything useful).


Jody Garnett