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Taking this to a seperate thread to avoid discussion getting in the way of voting (this is a common way get distracted and avoid quorum).

Jody (and others involved),

Would you mind summarising your reasoning for accepting this component 2. I have not had bandwidth to review and will be basing my vote on my trust of your reasoning and judgement.

Cheers, Cameron

The spreadsheet, listing contract items is provided. Each row lists a deliverable and a link to a page demonstrating the functionality. In a few cases an issue was found, the spreadsheet links to the issue and these were resolved prior to sign off.

OSGeo - Project Delivery Sign-off

I will cut and paste the table (from component 2 tab).

Contract chapter | Sign-off by | Description |

  • | - | - | General theme components | (waiting on transfer to repo) | | Home | Jody | | Projects | Jody | Project index; |

Jody | Project guided/faceted search; |
Jody | Project detail page; |
Jody | Project teams should be able to maintain their own project content and/or link to exter-nal content. | Local Organizations | Jody | Local Chapters index using a map based interface; |
Jody | Local detail page with events, news and social media feeds related to local chapter; |
Jody | Local organizations are able to add events to the events calendar. | Initiatives | Jody | Initiatives index (highlight OSGeo foundation key initiatives high level way); |
Jody | Initiative detail page with resources and news. | Initiatives (sub-site) | Jody | | News | Jody | News index sorted by latest; |
Jody | News detail page; |
Jody | Local organisations, project teams, content maintainers and OSGeo stakeholders are able to publish/add news items. | Downloads (moved to resources) | Jody - won’t fix | Downloads index; |
Jody - won’t fix | Download detail with links to project detail page. | Gallery / Case Studies (moved to resources) | Jody | Gallery / case studies index; |
Jody | Gallery / case studie detail page. | Events | Jody - list only | Event index with a list and calendar view; |
Jody - missed during wireframe review | Event detail page with social media feeds, hashtags and photo streams; |
Jody | Project teams and local organizations are able to publish/add events. | Geo for All (Education) | Jody | Local Geo for All Laboratories index; |
Jody | Local Geo for All Laboratories detail page; |
Jody | Knowledge base. (moved to resources) | Users | Jody | Users index; |
Jody | User search; |
Jody* | User detail/profile page including project, local organization affiliations, their contributions and a map of their location; |
Jody | Users able to connect with other users (local / worldwide). | Commercial providers | Jody | Commercial providers index; |
Jody | Commercial provider detail page with qualifications, logo, url, number of employees, language, local and technology; |
Jody | Search / filter commercial providers; |
Jody | Project steering teams can highlight commercial providers as core contributor or contributor and add commercial providers. | Partners | Jody | Partners index; |
Jody - manually link to initiatves | Partner detail page with relevant initiatives, projects and resources. | Sponsors / Contributors | Jody | Sponsors index; |
Jody | Sponsor detail page with relevant initiatives, projects and resources. (During design phase the decision was made to have only a index page) | Generic content page | Jody | | Search | Jody | | Newsletter | Jody - ref oct 4th meeting | Subscribe / unsubscribe newsletter form; |
Jody - ref oct 4th meeting | Design newsletter template; |
Jody - ref oct 4th meeting | Template configuration in MailChimp. | Integration existing LDAP registry, installation and configuration | | | Content migration | Jody | (Migration of drupal content to website as outlined in site map) | Installation and technical support after launching website | | | Monitoring and reporting after launching website | | Aggregating feedback (user interviews, surveys); |
Jody | Drafting recommendations. |

My initial feedback (prior to issues being fixed) was concern about cross linking of content, Asan example ensuring events showing up on the project, initiative and local chapter pages so we only had to edit the event page. Although this was “missed” during wireframe sessions the functionality would be a pain to do by hand.

With that fixed the table has four items for a judgement call:

a) download page: idea was discarded during planning and wireframe mockups and not followed up.

b) event page, we did not outline a calendar view during wireframe session. Something we reviewed and signed off on. The page now lists future events in sorted order making it “easier” to find upcoming activities.

c) event page dynamic social media content, links are provided rather than pulling in recent tweets for flickr photos.

d) newsletter, while templates have been provided the GeoForAll community has not expressed a solid interest.


Jody Garnett