[Marketing] Notes from GeoForAll chat with Sergio

After last weeks meeting Jeffrey arranged a chat with Sergio to review the geoforall content and workflow. When we went through the comments it seems we may of hit the same ideas Helena covered last week.

Here are my notes:

  1. groups that cover more than one region, “GeoForAll Iberoamerica” being listed


  1. Regional groups and contact people

See list at the bottom of http://www.geoforall.org/how_to_join/

Perhaps added to the about page?


  1. Handling of webinars


Filter by spanish.

Not sure if we should just treat these as events?

  1. Handling of education inventory (Get Interactive mentioned they discussed this with Helena)

Discussed on the resources page - https://projects.invisionapp.com/d/#/console/10783291/237925184/comments

And Sergio sent me a follow up email:

Some things that I would like to be taken in mind:

  • GeoForAll Iberoamérica goes for Latin America plus Portugal and Spain (it’s kind of a mix between a Regional and a Thematic group but is what we decided to be the most effective way to work). Consequently the South America Region and Spanish Thematic groups will disappear
  • ​one of the things that I find important to include is the Thematic Groups (http://www.osgeo.org/node/1505 although I’m afraid this page is outdated; take it only as a reference)
  • referring the webinars we at GeoForAll Iberoamérica are planning to start a series in Spanish and will like to have a sub-section that reflect this; is this possible? (Jody already took note of this)
  • I didn’t found a News section; are we going to have one? (then, we have to keep it updated…)

Jody Garnett