[Marketing] Opportunity to promote your project on Mapscaping podcast

Hello and Greetings from the Marketing Committee,

The Marketing Committee supported podcasts about OSGeo projects in the last years in collaboration with the MapScaping Podcast. Several episodes about OSGeo Projects were produced already https://www.osgeo.org/resources/the-mapscaping-podcast/ . We have allocated a budget in 2022 for 4 projects to be represented. We are looking for volunteers to do a podcast episode on additional OSGeo projects. Projects wishing to take part please contact the marketing committee mailing list http://lists.osgeo.org/mailman/listinfo/marketing .

Below are some words from Daniel and the podcast:

My name is Daniel O’Donohue, I am a big fan and user of open source geospatial software. I am also the host of The MapScaping Podcast which is a weekly podcast for the geospatial community.

I would like to work with you to increase the awareness of open source geospatial software. I have published episodes about Postgres/ Postgis, QGIS, QField and Input, R, and geospatial python which my audience has responded well to. I would really like to promote and introduce people to other open-source geospatial tools but producing and publishing podcasts is not free and finding qualified guests to talk about things like GeoNode and Geoserver is not easy. Here is what my process for producing a podcast episode looks like:

This is a 30-40 minute informal call where we can meet each other and discuss topics and questions that might lead to interesting and informative conversation for the audience. I use a software called calendly which takes care of all of the time zone issues. I will send you a link, you choose the time that suits you and we can go from there. All the pre interviews and interviews are recorded remotely using software called cleanfeed. There is nothing to install, I will send you a link and as long as you have a good microphone and a quiet place we should be fine. This is also an opportunity for me to test your audio and explain the structure of the interview and what the recording process looks. Great audio quality and the ability to speak clearly is a must!

If the pre-interview goes well we will schedule a time to record a podcast episode. I like to schedule an hour for each interview, the published episode will be somewhere between 30-40 minutes but by scheduling an hour we have time to fix any technical issues and repeat questions and answers if needed. The episode will typically be published somewhere 2-4 weeks after being recorded.

If you are interested in being involved it is a good idea to listen to an episode or two so you get a feel for the style and structure of the podcast. I am really looking forward to working with you on this!

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

The Marketing Team