[Marketing] osgeo conference logistics

Astrid I am replying to your message here (so the vote can stay focused on the vote):

Please note that I send yesterday a parcel to TX with

  • stickers - OSGeo, OSGeo-Cube, OSM
  • OSGeo-Live postcards
  • some foss4g stickers, foss4g-cards
  • costs 37,80 Euro
    I did not send flyer yet. And I did not update the flyer (Jodys version) yet. Still a todo. Thought Sara could better print them directly in TX instead of sending them from Germany

Sara is just volunteering to do the booth. It will be me and you that print the material (although I think I will ask treasurer@osgeo.org to use the osgeo credit card).

I do not think we will use all of the $400 USD requested, but we can use some of it to reimburse you for your shipping costs above. Once this motion passes please send expense/receipt to treasurer@osgeo.org.


Jody Garnett