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I am one of the "ole' VisCom members"
http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Promotion_and_Visibility_Committee#List_of_Ole.27VisCom_Members and just now added myself to the new member list at Marketing. I don't attend Marketing IRC meetings regularly but take care of OSGeo Marketing at the Local Chapter level. Last weekend we (Arnulf and me) had a meeting with GAV e.V. (operator of FreeGIS.org and account holder for local OSGeo/FOSSGIS funds) to further formalize "OSGeo DACH". Besides these activities I officially represent OSGeo at several events like Intergeo, AGIT, Geo MV Forum and others when OSGeo operates a booth, etc. I am also member of the organizing team of the German language FOSSGIS conference (http://www.fossgis.de).

Currently I do all of this using my WhereGroup email address which is not really appropriate. To have a more official and at the same more neutral background to do these things I wanted to request for an OSGeo email address for the communication with the contact persons of the conferences or the trade shows. It should have an official ring, I guess torsten.brassat@osgeo.org or tbrassat@osgeo.org or brassat@osgeo.org should be fine. I have not found any kind of official document describing who is entitled to operate with an OSGeo mail address, so maybe this needs to be further discussed.

I also suggest that we design a signature for official OSGeo mail addresses to further build the corporate identity.
Thanks for your efforts,

Torsten Brassat

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On 29-Feb-08, at 2:15 PM, Torsten Brassat wrote:

It should have an official ring, I guess torsten.brassat@osgeo.org

Hi Torsten,
I know Arnulf made this argument for you before - so your alias was already set up at the above address last year. The marketing committee itself hasn't really played a role in determining who gets addresses, it's kind of been left up to the board at this point.

I don't have any real opinions about who should be able to have such an address, but I think the primary challenge is to make sure they are used to help build value for OSGeo and not merely helping build value for the user :slight_smile: