[Marketing] OSGeo/FOSSGIS project flyer in german language


I just joined the marketing-list. My mission is to provide OSGeo project-flyer and other material in german languge.

At the lat weekend we had a meeting from the FOSSGIS e.V. /who represents the german language OSGeo local chapter/ /D-A-CH (remember Marcos Lechners Mail a few days ago [1] [2])

At the meeting we talked about the project-flyer and we made a template. This is what I want to discuss with you.

OSGeo-FOSSGIS-Project Flyer -- please have a look at [3]

The flyer is based on the OSGEO-Flyer template which we took from [4]

This is what we did:
1. we added the FOSSGIS e.V. logo
2. we added http://www.fossgis.de to the footer
3. we added Graduated OSGeo Project to the footer

We have the following questions:
* is the //OSGeo_Project_Flyer_template.odp// at [4] still up-to-date or does it need a refresh concerning logo, style, watermark, general design?

* is the design of the OSGeo_FOSSGIS_Project_Flyer_template.odp ok for everyone? So we can take it as a template for the flyer in german language?

* where shall we keep the files? A good place would be the svn. Is it de in marketing/flyer/osgeo – OSGeo ?
Best regards astrid

[1] [Marketing] guidelines to change/combine the OSGeo-Logo into localchapter Logos
[2] D-A-CH - OSGeo
[3] /OSGeo_FOSSGIS_Project_Flyer_template: https://svn.osgeo.org/mapbender/branches/astroidex_25/OSGeo_FOSSGIS_Project_Flyer_template.odp/
[4] /OSGeo_Project_Flyer_template: //OSGeo_Project_Flyer_template.odp in marketing/flyer/template – OSGeo still up-to-date? Or does
[5] svn - place for the marketing material in german language: de in marketing/flyer/osgeo – OSGeo