[Marketing] osgeo logo design feedback

There has a been a little conversation on the discussion list. I was also sent the following feedback:


Jody Garnett

I just had a nice “coffee break” chat with Julie West from Boundless, here is notes from her feedback:

Logo 1 Traditional

  • font, youthful
  • don’t see gis professionals or someone who loves what they do in the code sprint
  • play on the white space of the logo
  • like the one color, easy on printing, simple
  • “OSG” looks more spaced out (because of letter shape), “Geo” appears more context
  • font does not match with the logo, logo has sharp edges, typeface is rounded
  • like the compass white space, look good inverted
  • comparison:
  • inside shape of compass is good, outside does not look like a compass
  • dark green with that green
  • text weight increase? no it is similar to others, but they have more contast

aside: enjoying the new qgis logo - http://blog.qgis.org/2017/01/08/qgis-3-0-logo-voting-results/

Logo 2 Modern

  • like the inside part of this, and like the colors
  • do not get compass out of this shape, cartoon throwing star :slight_smile:
  • just take the centre part?- OSGeo could be kerned in a bit more
  • use two colors?
  • these are fine, and have lots of contrast enough to tell the difference- don’t have strong feedback on this one
  • comparison:
  • looks more open then the others, white space breaks throughout the logo match values of organization
  • centre of compass gets hard to see when small

Logo 3 Sophisticed

  • like this compass a lot, looks like it could spin or animate
  • curious about the light color for accessability (could it be difficult for color blind)
  • tested with accesability tool, it was okay but not great- “G” discussion, going to be hard G that has curves to match the rest
  • curious to see other font options- really like this compass (repated several times)
  • comparison:
  • fits in better
  • The “OS” appears faded (hard to see)when this is small, consider another green
  • like how thick this compass is
  • visually fits in between locationtech and boundless logos

Logo 4

  • a little risky
  • appricate “going outside of the box”
  • does not really work, font is a bit off
  • seperate into two words
  • thickness of outside of compass vs inside does not work
  • gradients inside logos risky for printing
  • comparison:
  • stands out, does not look like anything else

Logo 5 Revolutionairy

  • it is pretty
  • Like the gradient from purple to green in the spiral
  • cannot see the gradient when small, room for error when printing, or even a screen
  • Looks better for number 4, but more risk to it

One more suggestion:

  • once you start narrowing down
  • see what it looks like on different applications, real world applications
  • black, website, biz card, tshirt, conference banner

On 2 May 2017 at 23:07, Jody Garnett <jody.garnett@gmail.com> wrote:

There has a been a little conversation on the discussion list. I was also sent the following feedback:

Logo 1

Did not like font

changes to logo make the compass star look heavy

Logo 2

Oh! Surprise. I don’t hate it but wouldn’t have come up with it.

Bold/strong image, different colours to differentiate OS and Geo. G looks a bit like an arrow which might be fun to play with.

Sizing a bit off when viewed in context, OSGeo a bit smaller a little smaller would be better

Logo 3

Softer greens

harder to match? do you want to move away from the OSGEO brand green?

Modern looking but not too corporate; looks friendly rather than buttoned up business; suitable to open source

In context still looks big, or maybe it’s the font choice. but logo portion looks great small. Still not loving the G in the font.

Logo 4


Logo 5

Too close to spirograph

don’t like purple

Branding Concept

News; Events; Educational etc looks legible and professional

Needle of the compass looks like it’s missing in the B&W version

Letterhead looks messy

Business cards ok for GIS professionals but topographical would not be meaningful to other potential partners/IT professionals.

Jody Garnett

Jody Garnett