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Hi All,

Although I feel OSGeo should support local chapters And others in their outreach And promotional activities, we have to give this an extra thought. We receive more often likewise requests nowadays. And post-hoc scrambling is the worst option in a volunteer organisation.

I the past our website provided the files to be printed and financed locally. However If a new set up is to be decided we need:

  • money-budget dedicated to either ‘printing-for-the-world’ vs where do we feel our few dollars will have most impact (region, country, audience).
  • an admin to keep track on a rather detailed level how much is spend against a certain budget (we are talking up to 100USD here there everywhere)
  • a well thought through process and communication which manages expectations and does not burn out a volunteer
  • the new brand in place (why throwing away hours and money for stuff ending in the bin)
  • time/volunteer to do the actual printing, packaging and shipping, who also has room for storaging flyers and stickers.
  • establish the tipping point where shipmentcost are an acceptable part of the shipment value.
  • somebody in the Marketing Committee to approve each collateral request
  • Michael’s cooperation and time to bookkeep several reimbursements per year extra

The above is not effective or efficient.
I propose we involve local chapters in this type of exercise. These are our/OSGeo actual ears, hands, feet on the ground.
Provide them with collateral (mind you, not money), once per year. Effective, time/energy/money efficient.
For regions without local chapter…a great opportunity to incentivise and help reach out by establishing a local chapter. For US…that would perhaps mean regional ones.

If the above comes across as cumbersome…the alternative is a nightmare.

Kind regards,

Marc Vloemans


On 2 March 2017 at 05:58, Jeff McKenna <jmckenna@gatewaygeomatics.com> wrote:

Hi Astrid, all,

Actually I have the exact same issue: I will be keynoting at several events in the next few months with exhibition booths, and yesterday I was thinking of doing the usual: editing the posters/flyers in OSGeo SVN and printing, and looking for stickers etc. But since I am not the only one in this boat (as Astrid mentioned) maybe the revived Marketing Committee could be handing this, and shipping out exhibition packages to those in need (such as Astrid and myself?). Otherwise we are duplicating efforts & wondering how to pay for this all…


On 2017-03-02 9:43 AM, Michael Smith wrote:

That would make sense to me if that¹s something simple and easy for Till.

I’m cc’ing the board list to get the boards input on this.


Michael Smith
OSGeo Foundation Treasurer

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Subject: OSGeo marketing material

Hi Michael,

here is Astrid Emde from Germany FOSSGIS writing.

I have a question about the OSGeo marketing material.

I am in the marketing committee and would like to order marketing
material for OSGeo like sticker. The idea is to send material to
conferences and local chapters…

Now is the question about how to pay the material.

Till mentioned that there is still money from FOSS4G in Bonn. Can I take
this money to pay for the material?

Best regards Astrid


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