[Marketing] OSGeo Swag

So I was perusing the updated Cafepress store (didn't know it had been
updated) and noticed a few things.

1. The t-shirt appears to be orderable is some colors that it probably
shouldn't be, for branding purposes and clarity. Kelly Green shirt with
an all green logo seems like a terrible idea. Can we limit the color

2. Can we get the 1" buttons in black
2a. Are the prices on cafepress set by us for fundraising purposes,
thinking about the buttons. Local chapters seem like the groups who
would order a 100 pack - should we really be raising the price for them.
Looking at other cafepress offerings 100 pack is $69.99 but ours is $87.49.
This same idea might apply to some other bulk purchases that local
chapters intend to make in conjunction with outreach efforts.
I do agree that price setting of individual items for fund raising is
probably a good idea.

3. Where's the polo shirt option?