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Astrid, Jody,

Meet John, who is co-chair of foss4g-oceania (and as per below has suggestions on improving the OSGeo website, and notably an offer to help fix it). I assume we should suggest John work through the marketing committee?

Are either of you able to set John up with suitable access. (I can vouch for John's technical capability, his enthusiasm, and his can-do attitude, which he is currently applying toward setting up what is looking to become a very successful FOSS4G-Oceania).

Cheers, Cameron

On 12/08/2018 3:03 PM, John Bryant wrote:

Hey Cameron, do you know who I should contact about the OSGeo web page? I want to suggest that the Events page (https://www.osgeo.org/events/) promotes the upcoming events to the top of the list, and puts past events lower down.

Right now, all the events on the first view of that page have passed, and upcoming events require clicking through to see.

I'd be happy to volunteer to make that change if I know who to get the nod from... I have edit access so should be straightforward.


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Vicky and SAC is the place to start for change to the website code base l, we have been using the issue tracker to coordinate.

To work on a specific issue I would start there.

We have some budget in the marketing committee, and had a year of technical support with our vendor … which we did not have volunteers to make use of. If there is interest and enough small things to form a contract it would be great to follow that up also.


Jody Garnett