[Marketing] random catchup on RFP

Thanks to everyone for getting together letters to send out to shortlisted firms. Jachym was able to send them out this morning - Jeffery Johnson was CCed on the correspondence and can direct any questions back to us.

Because these responses cover commercial-in-confidence feedback marketing committee members have been invited to a private google document. Board members can see the resulting PDFs in dropbox.

Due to our delay we have extended the response period until Monday. I did not feel comfortable slipping schedule very much as that would set a precedent for future interaction on both sides. The google document was taken private so I could add some specific responses to each EOI (answering questions or highlighting areas of their EOI we appreciated).

The board still has not gotten back to Marc - but there has been a positive outcome of the question. Sponsorship (as seen on the email list is picking up). And the board is taking the draft budget that was approved into a final form. I suspect everyone involved is still apprehensive about the 50k not to exceed limit placed on this activity - making communication depressingly halting:

  • We did not hit our go/no-go decision marker; perhaps we should arranged a meeting with the board for next week if we do not get an email response
  • SAC was not aware of an extra 8k being put aside for their participation in this initiative; it is like they will be fine if the board uses this budget to support the RFP process.
  • Sponsorship is picking up (3.5k and counting) - but on a different time frame than our RFP process
  • Because the budget is still only publicly in draft form it is not clear if we have access to 2016 budget to put towards this activity; we are not the only committee suffering due to lack of clarity

I suspect that while sponsorship may eventually cover the gap the board will need to be comfortable backing this activity.


Jody Garnett