[Marketing] Re: How did your presentation go?

dear Cameron, marketers,

On 28/04/2010 21:23, Cameron Shorter wrote:

I rocked the talk, the Registrar General namechecked me three times in his "Scotland's plans for INSPIRE" talk, government folks making positive noises about open source and open data which is great,
will go to their workshop in the autumn, would like to get Arnulf over.

I put the slides here: http://www.osgeo.org/node/1035
Pretty minimal, mentioned more Euro SDI efforts in the talk than are shown on the slides. Cameron, thanks so much for the stack visuals in particular, a godsend, and Jorge will recognise a few bullet points.
Paul, i put a list of hard benefits then another list of squishy ones.

Tyler, thinking that the form is fine, just a matter of linking to it and encouraging all the cool people here to upload their slides - or linking to the slideshare group, are more people on there?

Afterwards i talked to people from two different consultancies who said exactly the same thing:

"We have a network of local government businesses, have done a lot of proprietary work, are using OSGeo software in house, can see our clients want an OSGeo stack now, *how do we engage with the community*"

Apart from asking them to attend FOSS4G - which they both already had booked - not sure where to go next with that. Transition plan, the sort of thing that CCGIS / WhereGroup / MetaSpatial must have worked out.
Wanting to "give back" to raise profile, but now is still a hard time to ask immediately for Foundation sponsorship...

Suggestions, postcard?

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