[Marketing] Re: [OSGeo-Discuss] Marketing Material For Chico Meeting of California Geography Society

On Wed, April 2, 2008 21:39, Landon Blake wrote:

Alex Mandel has expressed an interest in setting up an OSGeo booth at
the next meeting of the California Geography Society, which will be held in
the first part of May in Chico, California. I told him I would try to
assist in his efforts.

Do we have marketing materials available for use at a conference booth?

There are information brochures for all OSGeo projects and those in
incubation. They need to be checked for actuality wrt, graduation, version
numbers. etc.

If so, how would I make arrangements to obtain them?

Download and print the brochures yourself. I guess that if you cannot
afford yourself, don't find a university or have other compelling
arguments why you cannot find a sponsor to pay for printing (it should be
in color and on good paper) you can ask back at the marketing mailing list
(see CC). Same applies for shirts via Marketing if you need to bribe some

Would anyone in the
Chico area be interested in helping us man the booth at the conference?

I'm just trying to check out our options so Alex and I can decide if a
booth is feasible.

If you manage to convince yourself that it is feasible you should add a
page to the Wiki with the event name and add an announcement to the
calendar so that it gets some press distribution. It might be a bit of a
chicken and egg problem, no press no people. No people (=> you don't think
its feasible) no press, so no people. Just go for it. My personal
experience is that whatever you start with OSGeo on it currently simply
works. There is too much interest to fail.



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