[Marketing] SPD enhancements (was: Re: [Board] Meeting Tomorrow)

Frank Warmerdam wrote:


This is a reminder that we have a board meeting tomorrow with the agenda
described at:


Please review the budget from the finance committee as documented here:


I have also deferred the discussion of changes to the Service Provider
Directory since I don't have a concrete proposal ready. Arnulf has
offered to get involved in Service Provider Directory and I think he will
need to define the details of how this prioritization work will be setup.


Best regards,

picking up this thread I added a few ideas to the SPD page:

The longer that I toyed around the idea the more potential it developed as a means to market OSGeo, its service providers, attract contributors to projects and make OSGeo a commercially interesting selling point. But i am scared of the impending discussions and lengthy threads with soft opinions on more or less anything. Therefore I would like to go ahead and implement some of this first so that people can actually look at how it looks and feels before they start to think. Complaints will then be more focused and to the point. I think this makes more sense than trying to hammer things out in thin air before hands.

Frank proposed to do the development on www.osgeo.net. I have no access to that machine or the underlying MySQL database. I can authenticate with this instance of Drupal using my OSGeo user name "arnulf" but this user has no edit permissions there so I cannot get at the code. Please let me know how to proceed. We will need to get access for the OSGeo users arnulf, uli and christoph.

Anybody who feels like joining this discussion or helping to implement it please join. I will move this discussion to marketing entirely until we have something that is worth discussing at board level.

Best regards, Arnulf.