[Marketing] Todays Meeting Agenda 2017-06-28 - Website, Collateral and Visual Design

Thanks, here are the resulting action items:

  • Jeffrey: June blog post, highlighting progress, call for action for content in July

  • Jody: presentation draft foss4g-europe

  • Pim: to place A4 GeoForAll example in invision for review

  • Jody: reformat google A4 document with 8 pages in mind

  • Jody: quick handout for africa, jody will do something quick with new logo

  • All: Need one page A4 content files in google drive

  • GeoForAll

  • FOSS4G 2017

  • OpenGeoScience

  • QGIS, GeoServer, GeoNode, … as written


It is really worth reviewing this weeks meeting notes and the website design and brochure content taking shape on invision.

On 28 June 2017 at 04:20, Patrick Kepel <p.kepel@getinteractive.nl> wrote:

Good afternoon all,

Today’s meeting is this afternoon, and we’d love for you to join us. Pim made a lot of progress and will be giving a short-but-sweet preview of the updated Website-, Collateral- and Visual Designs.

I’ve added the agenda items for todays meeting to the ‘Website/Rebranding meetings’ document. Here’s the link to the document:

The basic agenda will be as follows:

  • Website Design Update.
  • Collateral Design Update.
  • Visual Design Update.
  • Feedback Management.
    Links and further detailed information on todays agenda items will be posted in the ‘Website/Rebranding meetings’ document.

Kind regards,
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Jody Garnett