[Marketing] Todays Meeting Agenda 2017-07-12 - Content Migration | Visual & Collateral Designs

Thanks patrick, I am getting lots of requests for the branding style guide, mostly the presentation template as community members get ready for the conferences ahead.


On 12 July 2017 at 02:43, Patrick Kepel <p.kepel@getinteractive.nl> wrote:

Good morning all,

Perhaps you’ve noticed, Monday we’ve posted a Tweet on Twitter with pictures of the new OSGeo Roll-Up Banners and the new Brochure. Up to now we received a lot of positive reactions on the designs from the OSGeo community members :slight_smile:

Back to business. Today’s meeting is this afternoon, and we’d love for you to join us to discuss the following action items:

  • Content Migration.
  • Collateral Design Update.
  • Visual Design Update.

I’ve added the agenda items for todays meeting to the ‘Website/Rebranding meetings’ document. Here’s the link to the document:

(Links and further detailed information on todays agenda items will be posted in the ‘Website/Rebranding meetings’ document.)

Kind regards,
Patrick Kepel

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