[Marketing] Todays Meeting Agenda 2017-08-02 - FOSS4G Boston Sprint Presentation & Collateral | Website Prototype V2

Thanks everyone who attended (and especially to Pim and Luca for working so hard on printables for Boston).

Here are the action items from the meeting:

  • Action: Jody to produce list of sub brands for Pim

  • Action: Coordinate printing with Pim and Peter Wheeler tomorrow

  • Action: Luca to request additional budget from marketing list for any information sheets that require local-printing


On 2 August 2017 at 04:49, Patrick Kepel <p.kepel@getinteractive.nl> wrote:

Good afternoon,

Today’s meeting is this afternoon, and we’re glad to announce that Pim is finally joining us again after his honeymoon break. For todays meeting we would like to discuss the following action items:

Link to the HangOuts Meeting: https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/getinteractive.nl/weekly-meeting?authuser=0

(Other links and further detailed information on todays agenda items will be posted in the ‘Website/Rebranding meetings’ document.)

Kind regards,
Patrick Kepel

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Jody Garnett