[Marketing] Todays Meeting Agenda 2017-08-30 - Post FOSS4G

Good morning:

We had a quick follow up meeting, primarily focusing on action items remaining after the foss4g code sprint:​

Website/Rebranding meetings

Action Items

  • Action: Jeffrey request a quote for hosting for one year (for system admin committee list)

  • Action: Return to website restricted access, focus on fixing issues report in github

  • Action: Pim to add cartography section to style guide and email a version 1.0

  • Action: Pim to add page to style guide for icons

  • Action: Nickolas will work on web page representation of style guide when this is finished!

Next Meeting Agenda Items

  • Review contract items and mark off what is completed

Beta website whitelist blocking is returning allowing the Get Interactive team to focus on the list of reported problems. If anyone has time to help out this week please help clarify this backlog and identify new feature requests vs issues with the current implementation.


Jody Garnett