[Marketing] updated service provider instructions

I have updated the “Add Service Provider” page ahead of foss4g: https://www.osgeo.org/community/getting-started-osgeo/add-service-provider/

Any assistance promoting the above instructions ahead of the event would be appreciated.

As requests for service provider author role come in:

  1. Login to website
  2. Hot tip - search user to manage roles without the wait:


  1. Add roles (near the bottom of their profile page)

Roles we commonly set:

For working with events, resources and local chapters:

  • author for people that can write an event but can not publish (normally to people that very seldom do this task)

  • editor create and review pending events done by an author (checking that link is ok before publishing)

For working on projects:

  • project author for people that can write a project posts (but not publish). Used buy project members.

  • project team capability of changing roles to other users, use it wisely!

  • project editor used by incubation committee members to publish projects (confirming that they are collaborative, open source, and spatial)

For working on service provider posts:

  • service provider author used to write service provider posts

  • service provider editor used by the marketing committee to publish service provider pages (check link is okay before publishing)

Everyone on this committee is welcome to have service provider editor role (to review and approve pages when complete).

Reference: https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Website#Roles


Jody Garnett