[Marketing] Vote on GetInteractive

Dear all,


For the sake of brevity, efficiency and speed.

Quorum of voters achieved (50+ %), 7+ and 4 unknown. Motion accepted.

I herewith thank you all for your trust in the proposal. GetInteractive will be notified by me. I will ask them for a contract proposal in English (unless someone else has time, energy and knowledge to spare).

@Jody; could you follow up with Venka upon receipt of contract ?

Cheers Marc


  • Peter Batty +1
  • Nicolas Bozon
  • Arnulf Christl
  • Astrid Emde +1
  • Jody Garnett +1
  • Harrison Grundy
  • Jeff Johnson +1 seconded
  • Alex Mandel
  • Cameron Shorter +1
  • Guido Stein +1
  • Marc Vloemans +1 initial motion

Kind regards,

Marc Vloemans

@Jody; could you follow up with Venka upon receipt of contract?

I can, shoot me the contract and I can put it in dropbox. If I can ask you
to send an email to board (as our chair) when we have the contract. I will
happy to run it to ground after that.