[Marketing] website choose-a-project review ahead of tomorrows meeting

choose-a-project wizard review

TLDR - I would like to reopen #19 and use nested tags that match choose-a-project pages

Two choose a project pages were reported empty:


  1. Looked into the empty client list using QGIS as an example.

QGIS was listed as everything except client! Reached out to Tim from the QGIS project, about breaking QGIS up into QGIS, QGIS Server, QGIS Mobile, etc… I know we sent email about this earlier but it was overtaken by events.

I ended up finding the problem, QGIS had not checked LEVEL2 “technology” so it was not being listed under “information technology” at all.

  1. talked to the GeoMOOSE team, they had not chosen portal because it was a marketing word that was almost useless, they did agree that the description (of an integrated mapping application that can be used “out of the box” and configured) described their project well.

For now the GeoMOOSE team has agreed to be listed as a portal, not sure if GeoNode or any other projects wish to be listed here?

These issues are a consequence:

Based on this tangle I think we need to reopen 19 above and introduce nested tags that exactly match the choose-a-project page - or we will be stuck with a maintenance problem. Indeed we already have a maintenance problem.

When editing a project “Level 1 - All topics” and “Level 2 - All Technologies” shows the original breakdown.

  1. Went through and found many other glitches as projects treat this as a tagging system.

We have both “analysis” and “process” level 1 tags, but only “processing” is used —> action deleted “analysis”

choose-a-project > publish > content management

  • GeoNode

choose-a-project > publish > catalog

  • lists expected applications

choose-a-project > publish > data

  • lists expected applications
  • sorting is working correctly

choose-a-project > mapping and cartography > desktop mapping

  • expected to see marble here

choose-a-project > mapping and cartography > mapping services

  • the expected applications are here
  • but open layers is also here, not sure why … okay level1=“publish” had been selected, probably to go with “mobile” below

Jody Garnett