[Marketing] website priorities for 2024

Thanks for everyone’s support in addressing the sponsors page problems.

I have some notes that did not fit into the “quickfix” email thread, sharing them here for discussion!

We have lots of little priorities and feedback that has built up in the issue tracker:

  • This is too intimidating for one volunteer, so we need away to address it as a group
  • Start a shared document to define these clearly
  • Then prioritize and gather into a workplan- Examples: Mastadon social media icon, Twitter → X icon

But we should seriously look at making this site easier to maintain, and easier to contribute content to:

  • It would be kind for us maintainers if the website CSS could be more forgiving

  • Sponsor Logos

  • Draw a white background behind each block (incase the logo is on a transparent background)

  • Do some math to centre and size the logo fairly in the space provided- Project logos:

  • These often show up funny (pycsw, zoo-project) when developers cut and paste their assets blindly

  • Same approach as above, white background and math to centre with margin- Project screenshots

  • Place on a laptop, phone, tablet, or browser window

  • We provided templates but only a few projects take the time to use (geonode)

  • Other projects look lost (mapserver)- Members

  • Why are there no photos? The marketing direction was to share that open source was made by people :slightly_smiling_face:

  • If gravatar was going to make people cry for privacy concerns it should be removed.

  • It may be that the internet of 2024 is too mean to share faces, consider silhouettes of famous cartographers, or geography outline of region the member is from, something …

See also: https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Marketing_Committee_Budget_2024