More events (Re: [Marketing] OSGeo event in Portugal)

2008/10/14 Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) <>:

Hi all, catching up on my email after a week away.
A couple ideas on this:
* who has the booth banners and any other "left overs" from FOSS4G? Tim?
Ari? Perhaps those can be forwarded to Jorge.
* re: shirts - same as above. I can't ship any from here in time.
* there is some (English only) handouts available to print here. I'd love
to see a spanish version:

Even in Portuguese !!! XD


Hope that helps! Let me know if you need more,

About gvSIG Conference:

I contacted[1] the committee for OSGeo relationship with 4th gvSIG
conf, but none answered. As conf is approaching I need an answer about
if there is any problem to show OSGeo as Collaboration Entity for the
conference and if there is no problem about using the new logos for
the slides and so on.

About Informatica 2009:

The OSGeo Spanish Language Local Chapter will attend and collaborate
with the organization team of Informatica 2009 in La Habana,
Cuba[2][3]. The OSGeo-es board will be there (well, four of five
members) and give presentations and panel about OSGeo and our projects
(not defined yet), and perform a one day workshop (about MapServer,
gvSIG, QGis, OpenLayers...).

We're going to try to have at least some kind of marketing stuff like
liveDVD, t-shirts and maybe flyers. As much as possible in Spanish, of

Having placed all this translated material on the SVN under "ES"
folders on every resource sounds ok?

Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas
Ingeniero en Geodesia y Cartografía