notes from fourth viscom meeting

Some notes below from today's VisCom meeting, which focused on Where 2.0




Tyler is rounding up content, with two of eight submissions so far.


Roster is filling up nicely.

Booth Area

It turns out only one day of staffing is needed, as exhibits are only
open on Tuesday, and during the breaks. See wiki for hours and details.
Dave M. and Tyler and Autodesk rep have signed up so far. Tyler has
sent mail to discuss list to drum up participation, with offer of
possible conference pass.

BoF gathering

Agenda is looking good, but Chris may not be able to host. Chris and
Michael are pointing out to Nat that there is a time conflict with a
Faire, and seeking an alternative time for the BoF.

Developer Roundtable

Michael is organizing, but can't host, as he'll be traveling. I'm asked
Gary to confirm his participation here. I would host this, but am not
sure if I can attend, may have to go to europe.

T-shirts - a new item

Great suggestion and would certainly be a unifying thing.

I'm looking into to see if there's budget. My resource here is going on
a long vacation in 4 hours... so no promises.

One page ad

I expect to see a proof today or tomorrow and will run by the group for
quick review. If possible, this piece will also do double duty as a
basic flyer touting OSGeo, and possible template for Tyler's work on
flyers. I'll try to get the artwork files to enable this.

Banner ads

I haven't seen anything from my production resource yet and will run by
the group when I do.

We get to determine which sites the banner appears on and
3-4 suggestions were provided and passed on to O'Reilly. There was
discussion around the fact that they don't have a geo site and some of
the guys have pinged Nat on that.

Pre-conference messaging

Autodesk will get list of attendees who opted in 7-10 days before show
and send to Chris.

Conference passes

Tyler or someone suggested that O'Reilly would take care of key
participants who are traveling and lodging there on their own dime.
Autodesk will make floor passes available as possible.

Dramatic Session

We discussed Arnulf's idea and discarded as too risky, requires
rehearsal, may not have impact if the audience doesn't know the actors.
Tyler send message to Arnulf, concurring with Michael and Dave's