Of canned slide decks and stuff

Michael P. Gerlek wrote:

Frank is correct, that's what I had in mind.

For what its worth, I'm going to be at both the Where 2.0 show in San
Jose and the GeoWeb 2006 conference in Vancouver -- be nice if we could
get some airtime at these. Nat T. of O'Reilly is sure to be sympathetic
to our righteous cause, and I'm pretty sure I could get some time at
GeoWeb (LizardTech is a sponsor, and I'm already giving a couple or
three presentations there).


Hi Michael,
thats cool. You should just have received an invitation to join the Visibility Committee, all further dicussion should happen there. Whatever dates that you have where the OSGeo might appear or you could give a talk/presentation just add them to the Wiki. I am currently looking around for a simple calendar pulgin. If that works out to be too difficult or no good I will contact DanielB and see what they can do for us.


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Arnulf Christl wrote:

Hi Michael,
I just read "volunteer to help" and that sounds great. I

don't know what

the "Canned slide decks" activities refer to - could you please enlighten me?


I believe "canned slide decks" refers to preprepared "powerpoint style"
presentations that folks can give at conferences, presentations to companies
and so forth.

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