OSGeo Committees/Groups Audience size

Hey, folks! Something I neglected to understand prior to putting the OSGeo Website survey link out to the groups and committees was the response potential.

Is there somewhere I can get a sense as to how many folks might receive the opportunity to respond if the link is shared to each of these groups?

Board of Directors
GeoForAll Advisory Board
Incubation Committee
Public Geospatial Data Committee
System Administration Committee (SAC) (wiki)
Standards Committee (wiki)

The administrators of each list can tell you the number of subscribers…

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I can help with that as I have access to the mailman system

  • board: 170
  • geoforalll: 505 (I can’t find an Advisory Board list, just the website). The closest thing would be the geoforall-labdirectors mailing list with 15 subscribers
  • incubator: 109
  • geodata: 406
  • sac: 71
  • standards: 159

Then I run this

touch subscribers.txt
for list in board geoforall geoforall-labdirectors incubator geodata sac standards; do \
  sudo list_members $list >> subscribers.txt;

cat subscribers.txt | sort | uniq -u | wc -l

Hope that helps

Huge help. Thanks.