[OSGeo-Discuss] Public intervention for the 7th Libre Sotware Meeting

Tisserant Alexandre wrote:

Greetings everybody,

The 7th Libre Software Meeting (http://www.rmll.info/?lang=en) is going to be held between July 4th and July 8th, 2006, in Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy <http://www.vandoeuvre.fr/&gt; , France. This is a worldwide meeting for developers and those involved in the free software community. Every year, more than fifty nationalities are represented and 1500 visitors get free access to some 300 lectures given by well-known experts. Broached topics are very varied, from cutting edge technical subjects with world class speakers, to "large public" topics as free software in education or local administrations field.

Clément Jaquemet is in charge of GIS aspects for the State Modernisation Department in the French Ministry of Finance. I assist him to coordinate a workshop at this meeting on the GIS topic. Thus we are looking for speakers from public or private sector that want to show their project or ideas linked to the GIS free software subject. We think that your recently created OSGeo Foundation could be worth to participate to this event and describe what you're doing. Presentations last 40min and contain time for exchanging and debating with the participants.

Would anyone of your organisation be interested to participate to this event ? If not, would you have some contacts (in US or Europe) that could be interested to this proposal ?

Alexandre Tisserant

thanks for the link. We let it stew some in the discuss list hoping for someone to catch on but apparently the result is void. So VisCom will try to fill in the gap.

Is anyone from the VisCom team attending the 7th Libre Software Meeting? Please answer asap so that we can clean out the details.

is this event going to be take place in English or French? Could you please send VisCom the contacts of Clément Jaquemet to find out what we could do? If you do not want it to become public you can send it to me offlist.

Best regards,