OSGeo has a Makrohard infection

Hi All,
this is not intended to be-or-come an aflamed inflammation, but lets try
to protect OSGeo from a serious Makrohard infection.

I hate to see that even after a few weeks of operation Markohard has
managed to squeeze itself into three out of five titles resulting from a
search on our beloved Bylaws:

Even although the docs tehmselves have been converted to PDF (which is
also a sickness but a comparably minor one and everybody seems to be
fairly immune).

We are all so used to seeing this kind of title in about every single
search that we do / that we do not feel offended anymore.

At the FOSSGIS 2006 conference two weeks ago for the first time ever ever
I did not boot my own Open Source Operating System but used the one which
was hooked on the video projector. Promptly a handful of people came to me
afterwards to complain.

Lets just not use it anymore. Its the only way to get rid of it.

Arnulf Christl