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On Fri, June 2, 2006 22:23, Dave Patton wrote:

Hello Arnulf.

I haven't seen you on #osgeo since May 26th, when you asked me
to create a new Wiki page.

Hi Dave,
thanks a lot for the notice - and yes I am not a good IRC user, firewalls
wont let me in or out most of the time...

Yesterday I did create it, and as Tyler was part of the discussions
on the 26th, I sent him a message:
  spatialguru: Hi. As per the discussion here last friday, and
  Arnulf's request, I created a wiki page (to serve as a starting
  point for edits):
  I don't know if it captures what you, Arnulf and Frank were
  discussing, but hopefully it's a start :slight_smile:
  I don't think I'm on the 'relevant mailing lists' for the people
  who would be vetting such applications, so maybe someone can let
  'the right people'(VisCom and Board?) know?

I just thought I'd email you directly, to make sure you
knew about it :slight_smile:

Did someone yet? - if not I'll be someone and let board and VisCom know.
Any suggestions on how to continue to develope this page?

Regards, Arnulf

Dave Patton

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Canadian Coordinator, Degree Confluence Project

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Arnulf Christl