OSGeo Promotion Application

On Fri, June 2, 2006 22:23, Dave Patton wrote:

Hello Arnulf.

I haven't seen you on #osgeo since May 26th, when you asked me
to create a new Wiki page.

Yesterday I did create it, and as Tyler was part of the discussions
on the 26th, I sent him a message:
  spatialguru: Hi. As per the discussion here last friday, and
  Arnulf's request, I created a wiki page (to serve as a starting
  point for edits):
  I don't know if it captures what you, Arnulf and Frank were
  discussing, but hopefully it's a start :slight_smile:
  I don't think I'm on the 'relevant mailing lists' for the people
  who would be vetting such applications, so maybe someone can let
  'the right people'(VisCom and Board?) know?

I just thought I'd email you directly, to make sure you
knew about it :slight_smile:

Dave Patton

Hi Dave,
I just checked - you are not on the VisCom mailing list. I suggest you
subscribe there by sending an email to
dev-subscribe@visibilitycommittee.osgeo.org and follow the instructions of
the receipt email.

Then you are one of 'the right people' yourself. If you could spare that
time for OSGeo that would be great. We will probably need some more
discussion and input from FunnyCom. Or wait, its that they need this input
from us. Sometimes I get mixed up. So we could probably suggest a
membership rate for certain levels of participation. Then we are back
where we started with "OSGeo Promotion Application" but on a more personal
level. So we need to find out what an OSGeo membership is to a person and
to an organization.

Best regards,

Co-Lead Developer, Punt

Canadian Coordinator, Degree Confluence Project

Personal website - Maps, GPS, etc.

Arnulf Christl