papers for the OSGeo library

Michael P. Gerlek wrote:


It was suggested that this paper
might be good for the library we're putting together at

Would be willing to put it under a CC license for us to use?



Hi Michael,
sure we can publish it there. Most presentations that we publish are licensed as GNU FDL, would this be a problem? As author and owner it is no problem for me to change the license or publish it under a dual license if need be. I do not recollect discussing document license requirements at all though, did I miss it?

I am working on this presentation every now and then (correct the EPSG codes, WKT format, blabla.), so it will change over the next few weeks. I just uploaded and tagged it as "stable" (what the hell is "baselined"?). I added both PDF and SXI (change to ODT with the next release) so that it can be taken apart and modified by anybody. Would it make sense to develop this kind of stuff through SVN until its stable or would that take too long / be too complicated?

If this is not the way you intend this library to work tell me what process you have worked out (I was busy at the LinuxTag booth, so am slightly back in whats been communicated meanwhile).

Best regards,